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(August 21, 2023) The Library of Virginia and Dominion Energy proudly present the posthumous recognition of Wendell Scott, the trailblazing African American motorsports legend, with the esteemed 2023 Strong Men and Women of Virginia Award. This distinguished accolade celebrates exceptional contributions to the state, the nation, or respective professions. The award was accepted by Warrick Scott, CEO of the Wendell Scott Foundation and Wendell Scott's grandson, during a special ceremony held in honor of his grandfather's enduring legacy. Wendell Scott etched his name in history as the first African American to compete full-time in NASCAR's premier series, shattering barriers and paving the way for diversity and inclusion in motorsports. His unwavering determination, extraordinary achievements, and indomitable spirit continue to inspire generations, leaving an indelible mark on American motorsports history. Accepting the 2023 Strong Men and Women of Virginia award on behalf of the Wendell Scott Foundation, Warrick Scott, a visionary leader in his own right, carries forward his grandfather's legacy. The Wendell Scott Foundation tirelessly works to preserve and promote Wendell Scott's remarkable contributions by providing educational opportunities, mentorship, and support to aspiring young individuals pursuing careers in motorsports and beyond. "We are deeply honored by this recognition of my grandfather's legacy," expressed Warrick Scott. "Wendell Scott's enduring impact on motorsports and civil rights is a testament to his resilience and determination. Accepting this award on behalf of the Wendell Scott Foundation is a proud moment, as we continue to inspire and empower future generations to break barriers and fulfill their dreams." In celebration of Wendell Scott's achievements and the work of the Wendell Scott Foundation, a traveling exhibit will be showcased at the Martinsville Library from now until September 16, 2023. The exhibit will then move to the Ruby B. Archie Library in Danville, where it will be on display from November 13, 2023, until December 23, 2023. This exhibit offers a unique opportunity for the public to delve into the life and accomplishments of Wendell Scott, exploring his impact on motorsports and his significant contributions to Virginia's history. The Library of Virginia and Dominion Energy, through the Strong Men and Women in Virginia History program, honor distinguished Virginians, past and present, who have made significant contributions to the state, the nation, or their respective professions. By recognizing Wendell Scott, they pay tribute to his exceptional achievements and the lasting legacy he has left behind. For media inquiries or to request an interview with Warrick Scott or a representative from the Wendell Scott Foundation, please contact the Wendell Scott Foundation.

About Wendell Scott Foundation: The Wendell Scott Foundation, founded in honor of the late Wendell Scott, is dedicated to preserving his legacy and empowering youth through education and mentorship. The foundation strives to create opportunities for aspiring individuals pursuing careers in motorsports, promoting diversity and inclusion within the industry.

To learn more about The Wendell Scott Foundation’s impact in our community visit, contact or call (434) 533-0097.

About Library of Virginia:

The Library of Virginia was founded in 1823 to preserve and provide access to the state’s incomparable printed and manuscript holdings. The Library houses the most comprehensive collection of materials on Virginia government, history, and culture available anywhere. The Library’s collections attract researchers from across the country and the world, while the Library’s web sites provide collection-based content and access to our digital collections to those at great distances who are not able to travel to Richmond. The Library offers free and open access to information documenting the work of our democracy and resources for connecting people with their government and essential government resources. The Library’s State Publications Depository Program collects both paper and electronic government publications of all types. The digital repository for electronic publications contains Virginia government information on subjects ranging from healthy living advice to water quality information. The digital collection can be found on the Library’s Virginia Memory web site. Use the Digital Collections drop-down menu “Collections A-Z” and select State Government Publications.

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