The Wendell Scott Center & Museum

The gallery spaces will highlight the life and legacy of Wendell Scott in a chronology of stories and event exhibits with set piece
and interactive experiences. There will be flexible galleries with areas for traveling exhibitions that rotate providing a fresh
experience to returning visitors.
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The Legend

The story of Wendell Scott is not only a story of a single man defying the standards of the Jim Crow South, but the story of a man who had a goal and a drive and determination to accomplish that goal despite all of the challenges laid out in front of him.
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“”It was like Picasso, a great artist doing his work. When he was in that car, he was doing his work.”

– Frank Scott, StoryCorps

The Steer Into STEM Program

The need for high-quality learning opportunities is prevalent everywhere. Technology and media companies consistently need an educated workforce with strong cognitive capacities and digital skills. They need contributors who have both technical skills and knowledge of science, technology, mathematics, engineering, and design. And they need creative thinkers who can help develop new ideas and invent solutions to future challenges.

The Wendell Scott Foundations response to this challenge, the program “Steer Into STEM’ was established in efforts to create high-quality, engaging STEM learning opportunities for youth who live in the Dan River Region.

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