About the Steer Into STEM Program

The need for high-quality learning opportunities is prevalent everywhere. Technology and media companies consistently need an educated workforce with strong cognitive capacities and digital skills. They need contributors who have both technical skills and knowledge of science, technology, mathematics, engineering, and design. And they need creative thinkers who can help develop new ideas and invent solutions to future challenges.

The Wendell Scott Foundations response to this challenge, the program “Steer Into STEM’ was established in efforts to create high-quality, engaging STEM learning opportunities for youth who live in the Dan River Region.

The Steer into STEM program offers STEM exploration activities such as Racing simulators, Robotics, 3D Printing and Computer Programming, field trips, tours of local STEM facilities such as NASCAR Hall of Fame to name a few, as well as career preparation and counseling tools.

The students meet bi-weekly during the school year and one week in the summer, with transportation being provided by the Wendell Scott Foundation.

The Steer into STEM program culminates in a semi-formal celebratory and presentation dinner. Participants will learn that when one strives for excellence and remains persistent, obstacles can be removed to achieve success.