For years, Wendell Scott Jr. said he has attempted to share the unvarnished story of his father’s tumultuous journey as a NASCAR pioneer.

“I’ve done hundreds of interviews,” he said. “Most of what I have to say never gets past the editors.”

According to Scott, Jr., an incident at Bristol Motor Speedway in the mid-1960s is illustrative of the hardships Wendell Scott faced on a weekly basis.

“My brother, Frankie, a cousin and a couple friends came to Bristol with some uniforms we had made up,” Scott Jr. said. “Our names were stenciled on the back along with daddy’s No. 34 car number. Man, we looked great.”

The trouble, Scott Jr. said, started just as his father was beginning to make his practice runs around the infamous track.

“NASCAR officials came up to daddy and said that he couldn’t race unless we all shaved our beards,” he said. “That just tore out daddy’s guts. He was so upset.”

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