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The Wendell Scott Foundation has partnered with the USDA Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to create a TSP certification training program, with an agriculture and STEM focus. The program will provide more in depth training, including lectures, experiential learning activities and site visits. The disciplines covered include: soil science, information technology, forestry, finance, environmental science (conservation and natural resources), engineering, and biology. The sessions will be conducted one Saturday a month following the school year and allows students to work with professors and student mentors to introduce them to various majors and careers related to agriculture, natural resources and STEM to improve their chances of qualifying for Pathways internships and career positions at USDA.

What is the Technical Service Provider (TSP) Certification Program? Technical Service Providers (TSP) render services to agricultural producers such as farmers, ranchers and private landowners on behalf of the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). TSP’s help these producers to plan, design and implement conservation practices or develop conservation activity plans that can help improve their agricultural operations. 
● TSP’s can be individuals, private businesses, American-Indian tribes, non-profit organizations or public agencies. 
● TSP’s are PAID technical experts that are able to offer customized, one-on-one conservation advice to agricultural producers. 
What are the benefits of becoming a Technical Service Provider?
● Certified TSP’s are entered into a national registry on the USDA’s website
● You are paid for your services
● You do not need a high school diploma OR college diploma
● Participants qualify for the PATHWAYS internship program, which offers paid internships of $20,000
and up.
How can I become a Technical Service Provider?
To become a certified technical service provider all you need to do is:
● Complete a free application
● Attend training sessions once monthly
● Take certification exam
Registration is now open. The deadline to submit a completed application is October 18, 2019.

All returned applications must include all forms in their entirety, completed with signatures by a parent or
Scan & Email OR Mail completed forms for each participant by October 18, 2019 to:
Wendell Scott Foundation
ATTN: Yolanda Ross
P.O. Box 3734
Danville, VA 24543
Phone: (434) 533-0097